The Perfect Time Between Must-Have Titles


Ever feel like your back log is going to fall on top of you and kill you in an avalanche? Or maybe you're so thirsty for a good game that you're just replaying old favorites over and over.

Playing a game that you love is awesome, but having three or four of those games come out at once is almost overwhelming. On the other hand going months at a time without a good game can be terrible too. There hasn't been a must-have in my opinion for a good long time. For me there probably hasn't been one since last fall. Opinions may vary, but I'm wondering what you, as gamers, prefer. How much time do you need with a great game before another should come and take its place?

I love great games, but gaming is an expensive hobby if you're buying up titles left and right. I'd say a great game every two and a half to three months is good enough for me. It keeps me entertained just long enough and doesn't knock my wallet for a loop. How about you folks?