Where the ******* has gone the Windows 8 Music App? (Solved)

I made the terrible mistake of uninstalling the Music app that came preinstalled in the Windows 8 RTM version trying to get it to force update to the new version that was supposed to arrive two days ago.

To my surprise, it did not allow me to update stating that my system was incompatible (supposedly was an ARM only app) two days later I'm not able to find the app any where in the store.

Are you guys able to see the app and install it along with the new features?

Granted I'm in Panama and there is no regional support for me however, I do have Zune pass (using paypal) subcription and have been usind the service for a couple of months now.

My biggest fear is that my IP is been locked down by region.

Anyone experiencing this?


VagrantWade's reply:

You can reinstall it from your “Your Apps” menu.