Is the Surface Pro worth my time?

I'm finding myself in a bit of a dilemma currently for I'm not sure of which Surface to get. Now I'm sure we all know the pros and cons for each, but as a high school student, mine may be different than yours and I would like to hear your unbiased opinions on which one I should get.

Pros for RT

  • The RT comes with Office which is indeed a big plus for me. I can see myself with a white Touch Cover taking notes in class with ease.
  • It is lighter and significantly thinner which will add ease to carrying it around, even if it is just a slight difference.
  • The price will remain lower than the Pro and since I do not have a job that gives me massive amounts of income, this is good for me for now.
  • I don't have to wait 3 months and I can begin the second quarter of school with an almost perfect tablet.
  • The battery life will most likely last longer.

Pros for Pro

  • Legacy app support for my video editing applications and games.
  • Full 1080p screen for watching Full HD movies in their native resolution.
  • Faster processor (not sure if this matters for the apps in the Windows Store should run very smoothly on the Surface RT with its lower clock speed)
  • The stylus with PalmBlock is also really cool and could be very useful for taking down handwritten notes.

The biggest thing that is drawing me back now is that I may have "buyer's remorse" come January. Of course I'm sure the Surface RT would have a fairly good resale value, I still don't know if I want to fork out $640 (including tax) for a tablet that may not have all of the apps I need. I also do have a HP laptop that I'm currently using for school which is running Windows 8 Pro RTM (through a DreamSpark account) so I could always use that "metro" Remote PC app. What do you think I should do Tribe? (I'm leaing 65% RT, 35% Pro)