How to explain Surface (Windows RT) to your mom.

Seems there's been a lot of hoopla about how people are confused about Windows RT. For whatever reason, I don't think it's very difficult to explain.

Mom: What's this new Surface thing about? Looks like my iPad.
Me: It's Microsoft's version of your iPad.
Mom: Microsoft makes computers still?
Me: Yes.
Mom: Why is this different than my PC I hated for so many years?
Me: This doesn't work at all like your PC did. It's a lot more like your iPad.
Mom: Well, why would I want it?
Me: You can browse facebook and play solitaire at the same time. Not every app has to be full screen.
Mom: Can I open documents from work? I didn't want to spend money to buy iWork.
Me: Yeah, kind of. It comes with office, but it's not good with touch. You have to connect a keyboard and mouse for it to be useable.
Mom: I can connect a mouse to it?
Me: Yeah, it has a desktop mode a lot like your work computer in case you need to browse files or use office. You don't have to go find your Macbook to work for a bit.
Mom: What about apps? Can I run my work apps on it?
Me: No, it's just office and browsing files. It runs mostly iPad-type apps. It's kind of like how your iPad can't run your MacBook apps.
Mom: Can I run my iPad apps on it?
Me: No. It's kind of like when you switched from your PC to Mac. Apps weren't quite the same.
Mom: So why would I want to switch again?
Me: Even though you can't run desktop apps on Surface. You can run Surface apps on your desktop. Plus, apps have that dual screen thing and a few other cool features you can't do on your iPad. You also don't have to open apps to see basic information like weather, calendar appointments, and status updates.
Mom: It looks cool, but I love the Solitaire on my iPad now.

Now, I don't think Surface (or Windows RT) has a chance with people like my mom who've already invested in iOS and were burned by Windows blowing for so long. But I do think Surface has a real chance with people that still use Windows and are curious about this brave new tablet world. That right there is a huge opportunity.