Asus Vivo Products

Hey guys, I was just wondering what you think about the Vivo Tab and the upcoming Asus products in general.

I'm interested in getting the Vivo Tab, the digitizer is one big plus for me when it comes down to tablets, I mainly want to use my win8 tablet for work/note taking at university and I've seen people with the ipad 'palm clicking' and holding the capacitve stylyus in a very weird way just to not touch the screen.

So what do you guys think about it? Get it or wait for the Surface Pro?

And do you think Asus has core i3/i5 still up his sleeve?

It must have when you look at other companies offers.

And will Atom tablets with full blown windows 8 be snappy enough for using it with the current word suit? what I saw in one hands on from IFA was that the one note metro app was very slow when the page was full. don't know which video it was.

Let me know what you think.