To TheVerge Moderators: What Happens to Flagged Trolls?

When I first joined The Verge, I would get defensive when trolls got their troll on. Then I learned that if you "flag" a post, you get the options of spam, inappropriate, and most importantly, troll. Great idea! However, there are some serious repeat offenders for trolling in The Verge community. Instead of writing equally smartass responses to these trolls, I've turned to acting like a mature adult and using the "flag" option for trolls.

The frustation comes from what appears to be no action to these flags. While I understand that not every post I deem to be a troll is viewed that way by others, some user's posts are blatant and constant.

So, serious question to the moderators: What's the process when a troll gets flagged? What does it take for a suspension? ban?

Annoying troll is annoying.



PS Please do not use this as a forum for posting usernames of trolls. I'm sure the moderators are well aware of them. However, if you're a troll, feel free to comment as such below as a reminder. ;)

PPS To those saying "this shouldn't be in Microsoft Tribe," I say that this would not get the attention of anyone in Meta. Let's be realistic. I spend 98% of my Verge time in here and this is where I see the trolling, and I'm sure others are also happy to be exposed to the great responses from the mods.