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disclaimer : this entry is not a replacement to Bioware forum/webpage, I just want to keep track of the weekly operations here and also give a place for other polynauts to discuss the multi. As I plan to invest more time in the multi(*), I may post here regularly [if agree] some news.

Last week a lot of new features came with Retaliation :

  • new classes, new enemies, new weapons
  • challenges
  • slightly redesigned maps
  • .... and a promise of weekly operations
Week 1 : 19th-21st October : Operation Bloodlust 2lswrac_medium


The krogan continue to be formidable allies. We will be lending the krogan army assistance in their next series of strikes against the Reapers.

Squad Goal: Earn one gold melee-medal fighting as a krogan on any map at any difficulty.

Squad Goal Success: All squad members awarded a Commendation Pack.

See you tomorrow ...


(*) : it was during the last operation that I really realized there was a ME multi community. People on Bioware forum were afraid to not reach the goal because some players might have played other games ( Fifa12, BL2, RE6). I may not be the best player ( N7 rating ~140 so far ) but I will do my best.