Only 1 week left to go....with some incoming punches from Apple and Google.

Well not that long now before it all kicks off....

23rd Apple Event

25th Windows 8 and Surface launch

29th Windows Phone 8 + Google Android Play Event

So big question is will Apple be able to steal all the thunder of the Surface launch before its even released with their ipad mini? Or will Apple release something totally unexpected what will WOW everybody?

If that wasn't bad enough Google are locking horns with MS on the 29th with their Play Event which is likely to showcase their new Play platform announcing new android and tablet devices. Again trying to sap away all the attention Windows Phone is trying to generate.

Personally I think it all depends how many column inches are given to Apple, Google and MS by all the tech and new sites. Apple tends to generate more interest for tech and general news sites and will be able to eclipse MS in this respect. As for Google looks like they are trying to nip WP8 in the bud and make sure it doesn't gain any traction.

Its going to be a bloody fight next week, will MS come out battered and bruised? ITS ALL KICKING OFF NEXT WEEK!