iOS Apps....are they that much better? Post Your App Comparisons.

Hey this is for the iOS fans here. From what people tell me, iOS has more apps and in many cases better quality versions of apps than Android provides. For the apps I use on a daily basis I see it but nothing really flaming. But it seems this is becoming more of a generalization that some iOS fans use to base their arguments on without any proof to the pudding. Basically I want people to name an App that is significantly better than anything Android provides.....and explain why that is so.

I'm just curious about what is really out there. So can everyone post their top iOS Apps they must have and why they are better than their Android counterpart or anything else that offers similar functionality. Basically, I'm looking at Design, Functionality, and Features.

It would be great if this can be kept civil, and fanboy hate kept aside. That's directed at both Android and Apple fans.