To the person who's reviewing Windows 8/RT

Please look at the charms and how they work. Specifically the devices and share charms.

Windows 8/RT has made it piss easy to manipulate devices from the share and devices charm. Throw stuff onto a connected screen, quickly printer (system wide printing), among others.

Please look at the device driver scenarios.

One of the biggest strengths of the Windows ecosystem is that it supports so many different types of hardware scenarios. Plugging in a gamepad, a keyboard, mouse, camera, usb stick, phone, and various other USB devices. People always say, "So what? Android supports USBs and look how their tablets do". The simple fact is Android does a piss poor job of supporting usb scenarios.

Please look at home networking, specifically Homegroups.

One of my favorite features of Windows 7 was the Homegroup feature which allowed you to easily share content on your home network. As far as I know, no other operating system out of the box allows you to share content to various PCs. Streaming music from my PC to my tablet, streaming video from my tablet to my HTPC, printing a file from my laptop to a printer connected to my desktop.

This is part of the ecosystem.

I know apps are a big deal, and I think they are a big weakness in the Windows RT space right now. But boiling down the ecosystem mark to a 5 or 6 because they just don't have apps, when they have all this other functionality is unfair IMO.

If you guys have any other things you believe make the Windows 8/RT ecosystem powerful, do share.

Okay. I'm having a lot of people accuse me of being overly sensitive. This is not the case. I just think boiling an ecosystem mark down to apps is absurd. At that point, just make apps its own category, and ecosystem something else. Because ecosystem is more than just apps IMO.