How to read TheVerge

Most sites I frequent are blogs or blog-style. You start from the top, go down, click next page/older posts if you hit the bottom, and stop at the last headline you left off on the day prior. I have no idea how to read TheVerge. It's like a whole bunch of stuff in a whole bunch of fonts and picture sizes thrown at the screen. The structure just confuses me. There are also repeating articles and fun colored borders and a bunch of tabbed sections. I'm an OCD type of person. I need to know I've perused all the posted headlines, and that's easy on most blogs. When I go on this site, I just look at whatever is in the big squares on top, scroll a little bit down before all the fonts and staggered columns make me queasy, and then stop. If there are interesting articles I might've wanted to read and it was below this line, I'll never know it existed.

How do people normally read this website, in a completionist sort of way? I'm also aware there's a number on the top left that you can click and all the new articles pop up in a list. It kind of solves my problem, but introduces a new one. I really hate RSS feeds and looking at just a bunch of text jammed together. It invariably makes me lose interest.