Need Help choosing WP8 Phone for T-mobile!

Hey Everyone!,

So it just hit me after I saw the Windows Phone 8 prices for T-Mobile leak on Wpcentral:

Any way prices aren't an issue for me, but I realized my HTC HD7 plan (2 year) is going to be up on November 16th, which should be right around the time Wp8 phones get released. So I've been thinking idk what phone I want, since Nokia totally Fucked US over by making the lumia 920 exclusive to AT&t (for 6 months atleast) but I'm definitely not waiting or hoping. So that leaves me with some options. But really Only The HTC 8x and the Nokia Lumia 810. Idk if the HTC 8s is coming or the Samsung ativ... and im not really caring for the huawei windows phone. So the only choices I'd consider are the 8x, 810 and Possibly the Ativ if it does come. I'm

leaning towards the 8x more because of some things: 1) I love my htc HD7, and I like HTC products.. they haven't failed or screwed me. 2) 8x is beautifully designed, with an amazing 4.3 1200x700 screen. 3) Loving the colors 4) Htc looks like they'll actually try with Wp8 and put some effort into there service 5) nfc 6) its a flagship phone

Cons for the Htc 8x 1) Htc showed shit support and exclusive apps for wp7 don't really know about wp8 2) Nothing like actually different from any other phones (meaning its nothing special or crazy different like the 920)

Pros for Lumia 810 1) Looks nice 2) wireless charging (well if you the cover that supports it) 3) nokia support and Exclusives.

Cons 1) more of a low-middle range phone no WOW factor 2) no improvement in screen resolution (The 4.3 wvga screen is probably beautiful but still) 3) just not what I want from nokia! I really want that fucking 920! Everyone does! 4) Might not have nfc

And the Ativ Just a big phone, Samsung makes good phones, but idk how there support would be, doesn't really have a wow factor. But not a bad point though.

So for me right now its kinda just the 8x vs the lumia 810 (but more like the 8x vs Nokia support/exclusives) Can some one please help me out! maybe tell me what there going for if you have T-Mobile! or some other pros and cons your looking out.. maybe my points are completely wrong but that's how im looking at it..Help! Thank you soo much!

P.s has anyone pre-ordered a surface? Or you waiting for the Pro version! that's another question I Have no clue on what im doing yet! lol But let me know and thank you!

Sincerely a Msft fanboy,