Which Rom, Kernel, & Launcher are you running on your device?

Not sure if this was posted before but... which ones are you all using and how's it holding up for you?

Samsung Galaxy Nexus (GSM)

  • Rom: Codename Android 3.6.6 (Android 4.1.1)
    • In my opinion the best rom I've used on my Galaxy Nexus (or any device for that matter). It has the perfect amount of customization, based off stock, and most importantly incredibly stable. As their site states: "Unlike many other roms, Codename Android doesn't want you to feel like you're using anything other than stock. Of course we add as many options as possible, but we would rather you miss them when they are gone than be bugged by them being there."
  • Kernel: Trinity Kernel (Experimental) - TNP1344-384-JB-4.1.2-ALPHA67
    • I've tried the stock kernel & Franco Kernel Milestone 5 & 6, but nothing offers what Trinity Kernel does: Trinity Colors. A lot of people that I know actually hate it but I like it... it's a bit dimmer, has a nice tint, but the whites are really brought out on the screen... it's beautiful. Other than that, I feel like with the way I use my phone, the battery life is perfect. I set the maximum clock speed to 1344 MHz and the CPU governor to "Interactive." My phone is as smooth as butter.
  • Launcher: Nova Launcher Prime
    • Previously, I've always used Apex Launcher. I decided to buy Nova Launcher Prime because it was on sale for 25 cents. I don't really see a big difference between Apex, I just use it because I paid for it. Nevertheless, it's a great launcher and very customizable.