Paul and his lack of knowledge

Hi Verge!

Paul has been off the internet for a great while now and he's doing great. (The internet feels alot safer and there's alot more GIFs for all of us now) But some Vergecasts ago a fellow viewer commented about Paul's lack of knowledge and I can't help to notice that throughout the casts now.

It's growing to be really annoying. When last vergecast (yesterday) he said he had no clue what the new iPod touch was. How can you, a supposedly very tech-savy person, not know this? You might not be using the internet but there is enough ways to get to know about this stuff. There must've been a newspaper that had something about it or perhaps a techy/gadget tv-show.

What I'm trying to say is that there are enough ways to get up-to-date. The Vergecast is great with the awesome trio, but when one of that trio is becoming quite useless to the show (and when your funny puns just become lame because you're getting to be the guy 'that doesn't know') then perhaps they are better off with just two awesome dudes and a guest.

I would like to urge the Verge to do something about this. I think the experiment is great and I feel like The Vergecast would be alot less fun without Paul in it, but we're watching this show to get up-to-date about tech stuff and when one of those persons is just asking questions which he could've gotten to know about himself then perhaps it's better without that guy.

I just had to get that out. I'm sorry if this has been posted before or if it's perhaps the wrong forum.

Either way,