Am I the only one that expects something more than 4.2?

ICS to JB was a small update.

Yes, there were huge repercussions on the UX of Android in terms of adding a level of polish to transition animations. This is a huge benefit to the perception of fluidity, but surely this work didn't consume the whole Android team? This would have been the task of a small team, and continues to be their task ongoing.

Expandable notifications. Really nice, but is it really that big in terms of implementation? Does it consume many team members? I would hope not.

Google Now. Again a brilliant piece of engineering, but the content is provided by an api from knowledge graph. The voice recognition was polished, but already there. It's well presented, but not overly complex.

If you compare the time it took to transition from Gingerbread through to ICS, and how the platform changed, is it not time to get 5.0?

Jelly Bean was a small mid year update point update. Matias Duarte described Jelly Bean as a “small, tiny, bite sized” update.

30 odd secs into this video.