The problem with us PC enthusiast

As Windows 8 approaches the tech sphere climate is rising, it is incredible to see the amaunt of emotional attachment that some have over a particular company and technology. Not too surprising however, because we are on the verge of a paradigm shift in how we interact with computers and the role they plays in our lives. For us PC enthusiast in particular, this paradigm shift is been very dramatic.

PC users for quite a lot of time enjoyed been in the cutting edge of technology. Back then when there was a war on specs, there where headlines about the latest graphics card, or processor, new memory technology, hard drive capacity, and we were part of that, always getting the latest and greatest we were the experts at that time.

That expertise gave us power in our jobs and the community. We were able to predict trends, success and failures with ease, it was a matter of numbers, everything was tangible.

But times have changed a lot since then and today the technology that we grew with is no longer mainstream and been relegated to smaller niches. The consumerization of technology is here at last and is stronger than ever.

For those who choose this path for a living, the cosumerization of technology is something that had to be expected, this is actually the reason why IT and computer science career paths existed, the ultimate goal has always been to make technology ubiquitous so that it could integrate with people's life seamlessly, saddly as we march towards this future, the technology we know and love becomes irrelevant and so do we. Been a technology expert is no longer a matter of who knows more about technology itself, it’s a matter of how knows how to make the most of it.

Apple, led by Steve Jobs focused on making technology accessible and has been leading the way since then, this is how they have become the most successful tech company ever, because they choose to make technology accessible while the rest of the industry was focusing on who can put the most GHz out of a piece of silicon. An that's probably why so many enthusiast hate Apple, they are leading the way into this consumerization of technology.

It is incredible to see how focus of technology conversations has changed from "It’s not going to run fast enough" to "Consumers are not going to embrace that" and how a social media expert that swears that a 64 GB iPad is faster than a 16 GB one is more valuable now a days than a computer scientist in the technology field.

So what's left for us computer enthusiast and professionals? Embrace changes or fade away into irrelevance, there is field for those with enough expertise in computer science to work on specialized IT jobs in the future, but most will also have to diversify and become experts in fields like big data, and user experience or many other trends that are arising as technology evolves, But don't think for a minute that the desktop is here to stay.

Thanks fully, Microsoft, the company many of us choose as a professional platform has a vision of the future, and

Windows 8 is just the bigining ot that, that's why I'm so enthusiastic about it.

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