iPhone 5 design (UPDATE)

At the computer repairs shop I intern at a Chinese customer came in with a iPad. I was not surprised. But the next thing he did scared me! He pulled out an iPhone 5. Okay, soooo what's so scary about that I mean really? The thing is, this is South Africa. Being a fanboy I had seen all the pictures and watched and read all the reviews, the thing is the 5 only comes until December. Or January. It was hear ahead of it's time which mean't that he got it overseas. All he wanted us to do for him was charge it up and put the SIM in. Of course we weren't able to do the SIM for him as we didn't have the facilities and the charging was taking quite long. A real bummer. But what I walked away with was the shear design! This thing is soooo much better than pictures, and I'm afraid I'm allowed to say that. YOU CANNOT COMMENT OF THE DESIGN OF THIS THING IF YOU HAVENT PICKED IT UP AND FEELED IT. It was freaking awesome!!!! (***DISCLAIMER*** That was my opinion.)


So what are your thought's on the design of the iPhone 5? Do you like it? What about compared to something like the HTC One X and Galaxy S3?