Suggestion for a new Tribe logo- Ushering in the 26th

Hey there. I've been a long-time lurker of the Verge, drawn here by the interesting articles and the thriving discussion base! In particular I've been incredibly uplifted to see how positively and open-mindedly Microsoft is viewed here- I too share an interest in Microsoft's recent offerings.

I'll tell you what, when I first started frequenting the Tribe (just before the Nokia Lumia 920 was announced) I found the Tribe symbol an interesting use of the Windows flag! The more I thought about it, though, I realised that Microsoft were on the path to a complete rebranding of everything they made, and so the tile symbol would become dated. In the following month, I waited patiently, thinking the admins would deliver. As we got close to the Windows 8 release date, though, I became pretty worried about it! Maybe they were just going to leave it, until an intrepid soul took on the task of doing it? I couldn't let that happen!

So I did it myself.


To be perfectly honest, the new logo loses a little bit of the charm the wavy Windows flag on the pole had... but it sacrafices that for continued relevancy, and the fact that this logo actually looks more like how flags are depicted in fiction- stylised things- or how they're used in low-wind conditions- like no more wind in the Microsoft sails anymore, going it alone to retain relevancy? If you don't like the more negative outlook that shadows, you could make a case that the original Windows logo was about being down-to-earth, and that the new logo is like the flags used for the moon-landings- always straight, something out of your imagination. A case for it being out of Science-fiction- cool and the likes.

But I digress, that was just a bit of fun, thinking of those metaphors. The true star of the post is that symbolised Microsoft Tribe tile. It's not perfect. I didn't have access to the gradient background seperately so I utilised a bunch of GIMP tools to try and smoothen it out. If someone does have access to the original background, can they please transfer this flag type to that image? Thank you, and thanks for reading this wall of text!

TL;DR: Read the title. Look at the picture. Then read the damn thing if you have the time. ;]