Overview of the Fujitsu STYLISTIC QH77/J hybrid

So, Fujitsu just announced a slew of new Win8 related products. Some of them has been seen before, Among them the Fujitsu ARROW Tab, which is the tablet of the company.

The most interesting, however is the (seemingly) previously unannounced STYLISTIC QH77/J hybrid unit. The information about the device is sparse, but it seems like it uses the classic Asus Transformer clamshell method of docking. The device supports "stylus" (I really hope they mean digitizer).


via www.fujitsu.com

Only 1 picture has been released while in writing of this (full size here), and I will briefly mention my personal examination of this:


There is 1 indicator of USB on either side of the tablet itself, while I think I see a USB port on the right side of the dock.

There is a indication of HDMI, seemingly micro-HDMI

The "stylus" seems to be put in the right side of the dock (not in the tablet, unfortunately)

The headphone jack is situated on the upper right side of the tablet

The are 2 indications on the left side of the tablet that I do not understand, guess 1 is microSD (some help here?)


The keyboard looks pretty nice, but cannot tell about quality yet, obviously

The biult of the tablet looks like dark plastic, maybe with aluminum on the back

The built of the dock looks like largely being aluminum

Indicators on dock hints 2 batteries (tablet+dock)

It looks like all-over air intakes along the right side of the tablet, necessary for iCore processors. These are very small however, so not sure.

The keyboard seems very laptop-classic, with no Win8 special function keys


The new hybrid looks pretty interesting, especially if it is Atom powered as no other (I think) has 2 USB ports in the tablet

Build quality looks alright, but the picture is from Fujitsu's PR, so take with a grain of salt

If is indeed a digitizer and not just a "dumb" stylus (they talk about handwriting recognition in the PR), then the device would definately be worth a look!