Switching to Android?

Alright, Android peeps, I could really benefit from your experience.

I've been an iPhone user ever since I left Treo/WinMo behind. Many things about iOS annoy me, and I laugh people people say "it just works." However, I appreciate the camera quality, and most importantly (to me), the available applications.

I had a Xoom, until I sold it to buy an iPad 3. I love my iPad 3, but there were a lot of things about Android I missed, like the google services integration, and the alarm clock (until iOS 6, iPad didn't have a clock at all). So I bought a Nexus 7. And I love it. Nowadays, I tend to bring my Nexus 7 with me, and leave the iPad at home.

So, now it's time for a new phone. I'm a solid fence-sitter these days. I like the Android OS, and the iOS apps. There are several apps that are important to me which just aren't available on Android, or have no analogues of similar quality, such as Instacast, Note Taker, and many of my favorite games. On the other hand, I'm a stylus-user at heart. Every time people say using a stylus is a technological step backwards, I shake my head in disgust. Those rubber-tipped styli are almost not worth the effort. But a nice Wacom-style stylus.. that's good stuff. Consequently, I'm really interested in the Galaxy Note 2. I'm just worried that I'll pine for my apps too much over the next two years.

So. Any of you folks out there have significant experience with both platforms? Any reservations about the app situation? Any wisdom to share?