Why Windows Phone 8 Has My Attention

I'm an Android user. Simply put. Before Android I was an iPhone user; at least until the iPhone 5 came out. I had really and I mean really high hopes for the Cupertino team; praying for innovation to show its face and somehow have a hint that Steve was there before. I didn't get that. We got something that was a good iteration but a not so great upgrade like the jump to ICS for Android. Apple needed a complete revamp to its mobile phones; an overhaul not just a tune up. Both, or should I say all three sides of the platform isle would somewhat agree that not doing anything about the face (meaning the overall UI) of your product for 5 years isn't to keen on innovation as they love to "whoo" us with. Yes, there were some big moments for Apple such as the iPhone 4 but that is the operative word; "were". I believe if they had taken the upgrades they did to the iPhone 4S, waited, and given it to the 5, they would've had an "iPhone 4" moment; the problem is, we as consumers want an "iPhone 4" moment every year. Not just another size or weight change; but an experience change. Change our perspective about your product; but in a good way. Step out of the boat of safety and the mentality of "it's working so don't change it too much". People love great products...but the same great product can get old now matter how great it is; users are more likely to outweigh the "great" with the "same" on any scale. Our technology is moving too fast for the incremental change. Not after 5 years of course. It's always following a pattern; big change then camera change, then screen change, then maybe a tweak in the settings, then a big change again about 2 years later. It's getting old.

And here we are at the point about Windows Phone 8 from my perspective as a person just noticing Windows Phone. It's new. It's different (in my Steve Ballmer voice), and gives a cool perspective on how you use your phone (not including that it looks very trendy). With all app jokes aside, I think it has some potential with new consumers looking for something outside of the black and white, glass or metal designs of Apple and Android since BlackBerry doesn't look like its reviving any time soon. It's more personal than a row of icons or some Twitter widgets and ROMs only tech enthusiasts like myself can understand. All this may be very different for those who have used Windows Phone for a long time, but from the "surface" it looks pretty cool. For me, personally, I can deal with not having that many apps since I don't even hit the 100 apps mark on my Android. You have Ask Ziggy to replace Google Now (In some cases) and your normal Twitter, Facebook, Foursquare, etc. apps to feed your social appetite; all except Instagram. I believe in Windows Phone 8; Microsoft just has to believe in it themselves and that means marketing which Microsoft is atrocious at doing. If they spent half of the effort of marketing themselves as much as HP and other manufacturers market their own computers with Microsoft's OS on it, they would be in pretty good shape. Now, I may be totally off base with my assumptions but Windows Phone looks great in a somewhat bland mobile world dominated by Apple and Google. Come November, I'm breaking out of my black slab prison and see what it's like on the outside where phones are yellow, blue, and red. I'm leaving behind my cables to charge and sync. Well, only if Verizon let's me.