Momentum: My Idea For A Fighting Game


I've been thinking a lot about fighting games recently, what with the new Tekken Tag, Dead or Alive, and the numerous 2D fighters you guys talk about all the time. There's loads of different takes on the idea of "punching another dude", but I notice one feature that seems suspiciously absent from the majority or fighters, the concept of momentum.

Allow me to elaborate. I'm not normally a fan of floaty fighters, where the aim is to juggle as hard as you can. Off the top of my head, Tekken, Street Fighter, BlazBlue and many others work with this pop-up style. Now, I won't say that jugging isn't skilful, because it totally is, but in the real world, it's totally impossible.

Now my idea is to use the idea of momentum important. A big fella, charging at you, will be pretty tough to stop. A smaller chappie can spring around more, and can dodge around easier. A charging attack will hurt more, due to the momentum behind it, but gives the opponent a chance to use the power against you. I think Aikido is the martial art that uses this principle of using the opponents energy against them.

Now, in my head, the actual combat moves are not so important, compared to the type of attack. A high punch leaves the character stable, but doesn't hit too hard. A high kick can potentially floor your opponent, but will leave you off balance, and open to counterattack.

I suppose I'm thinking that footwork and spacing is more important than the combos. Dodging and moving around would be the key to victory, with the victory playing the best head-game, much like real fights. The fighter that can out-think his opponent will be the victor.

What do you guys think? Suggestions? Modifications? Improvement? I'm curious, fighting game people, how would you use momentum in a fighter?