Will Apple release a new 9.7 inch iPad in times for the holidays?

In addition to the rumored iPad mini, there has been talk about a refreshed "newer" iPad for the holidays. The reason being is that the Sharp's screen technology (IGZO) was not ready in time so Apple had to go with plan B. The new iPad was thicker and heavier than the iPad 2. The new iPad with a retina display with the iPad 2's thickness and lightness would be very interesting product, except for the fact that Apple risks alienating customers that bought the existing iPad and it does not follow their regular schedule.

But now that Apple is transitioning to the new connector. Why not! They are going to sell a bunch of those for the holiday season. Why not change it now and speed up the transition rather than have so many future customers on obsoleted technology. (They should update the iPad 2 to the new connector, well.) All the while they deliver the iPad that they always meant to deliver. Consider also the launch of Windows 8 and how strongly MS is going to push tablets. Why not put their best effort forth.

Plus there is also that A6 processor to look forward to in the spring.