A thirst: The Lumia 920

There have been so much news coming out on the 920 that it starts to seem a bore, but soon I always look at something new and I feel a burning thirst for it again. I am literally counting down the days till I get one. You have a heavier phone but that hardly makes a difference to me. Great Touchscreen, Great Display, Great Colors, Great Power, Great OS, and Great On-board software. There is not much not to like. Also I feel that nowadays Phone usae is all about the OS. I, being a Redmond guy, like Windows. The other Windows Phone don't appeal to me as much. The Ativ has a pretty good battery and HTC has Beats but nothing makes me thirst for it like this. I know many people have answered to countless posts about the 920 and windows phone but I would like feedback on exactly what you're going to buy and why and when.

This is the recent video that I watched that inspired me towrite this post.

Nokia Lumia 920 Commercial | Trailer | Review | Unboxing | Hands On (Official) (HD) 2012 (via TheChaosEmotion)