Centipede SoC

I maybe one of the few that really enjoy the Windows 8 user interface and I am very excited to see all the new hardware coming out to support it.

There is one form-factor that I haven't seen yet. Perhaps, form-factor may not be the correct term to describe it, but it is an implementation that I wish to see possible.

I envision that my ideal use scenario for a tablet is web browsing, reading, and other entertainment focused applications and Desktop Mode is reserved for more work related things.

Now I ask myself, when would I want to do work on my computing device? At the desk, via a dock.

I propose the ARM Tablet + x86 Dock combo that I dub the Centipede SoC (ARMx86*). Alternately, the tablet may contain both chips, with the option to turn one mode on and off.

Is this possible?

*Centipedes do not literally have one hundred legs/arms ;)