Why Android phones outsells iPhones 3 to 1 but the iPad still hammers other tablets

Great article in Gismodo today with interview of Steve Woz:

"Woz sees value in bigger phones

I saw for the last few years one small screen in the midst of a lot of large screen and felt myself, as countless others must have, that the larger screens had more value. Blame me for taking the leeway to suggest that this was the one door Apple left wide open. iPhones are not inferior to other smartphones, and the cost is similar. iOS 6 is not inferior to Android. We could all get by with either of them. I never said this sort of thing about Windows. So there has to be some reason that Apple lost so many sales to other products. "

Basically Apple left 3 gaps in the market with the iPhone which allowed Android to get a foothold & then surpass them, around 3 to 1 in sales worldwide whereas the iPad still dominates. Sure Android has made inroads recently on the low end of the tablet space but if Apple soon releases the rumored super thin 7" iPad mini for around $250 it should blow them out of the water.

The 3 historical gaps in the Apples smartphone market:

1) Originally by only hooking up with AT&T

2) Overpricing their phone via carrier kickbacks which gave Carriers a strong incentive to promote Android phones

3) Only selling 3.5" phones leaving the larger end all for Android as Wos eloquently pointed out above

No doubt Apples hoping that the move to 4" will stem the tide & with this compromise they can keep developers on side but its probably too little too late. Surveys show people prefer phones OVER 4". Besides it is way too late to keeps apps only on the App Store, Google Plays nearly equal now 700k to 750k...

So Apple stuff developers dont delay give us a bigger phone now!!

Signed from an Apple fanboi recently converted to Android (HTC One X 4.7" screen)