Developers, Developers and Developers!

If I am not wrong, WP8 has features that are only under the hood.

Support for better hardware, like multi cores, better resolutions, SD Cards, Bluetooth File transfer, NFC etc.

Support for Native code, code sharing between W8 and WP8, & new programming languages.

Support for Background Apps like Maps, Skype etc.

Support for Voice enabled App's.

Support for Amazing Live tiles of multiple sizes!

I think, we have lots to add on to this list. And yeah, WP8 is all about giving developers more strength to come up with amazing app's using those features. As far as UX is concerned, I think WP8 will pretty much be same as WP7, and that's written on the face of it!

Were people expecting something like this from WP8, which we have seen in Matrix series? If yes, then they will be disappointed.

1. Make a call to a person.

2. Travel across the Wire to reach the other end

3. Talk to the person, and reach back to your place.

Of late there seems to be tons and tons of posts across Net, who seem to have written off WP8 and Microsoft already. Yes, Microsoft have played really foolishly by saying they are holding off SDK from releasing it to all developers, because it can show off features that are not revealed yet.

But I think, the reality lies in following point:

WP8 SDK needs W8: WP8 SDK can run only on 64 bit, W8 operating system & W8 is scheduled for release only by Oct 26. So, there lies the whole point.

MS seem to be depending too much on developers for WP8 success. And the real problem is developers hardly care for WP8 since the user base is very very small.

At this point the only way forward for MS to showcase it's prowess is by releasing killer app's for themselves and not to rely on third party developers initially. MS studio's is very capable to release Xbox quality games for WP8! Bing App team is very capable of releasing ton's and ton's of new exciting apps for WP8 platform.

I whole heartedly believe, WP8 will have nothing major to add on from basic core operating system point of view, except a few jazzy animations to light up the show, but it has the capability to arm developers to teeth, to come up with new killer apps, with all new amazing features, provided they care for it!