Are any HTC One X owners actually upset about the One X+?

So I bought my One X back in May...and it turns out, it's still a pretty great phone, despite the announcement of the One X+ today. I'm not a compulsive phone switcher, so when I make the decision to buy a phone, I make sure it's something I'm fairly confident will last me at least 2 years. This means that, inevitably, at some point, my phone will become "out of date". I'm actually surprised it took this long for the One X to become officially outclassed.

Would I like the extra battery power and internal storage? Sure. There are also things I'd like from the S3, and things I'd like from the iPhone phone is perfect, but so far the One X has proven to be an awesome device. Assuming it survives, I plan to hold onto it long after I've moved on to future devices (2014 Nexus, anyone?).

If anything, I hope the One X+ boosts HTC sales numbers in the Android world, because Samsung needs some real competition.