Was the exclusion of NFC tech in the iphone5 smarter & more cunning than the inclusion of it in the new Lumias and Androids?

NFC has not picked up yet and is rarely used in commerce. Therefore, iphone 5 users are not missing out on anything significant. apple figures why spend money and precious phone real estate on something that most users will not use.

Had apple included NFC, then NFC would have picked up, and the android phones and lumias would appear equally capable, as they too have NFC. Excluding NFC from the iphone would hamper the spread of NFC and hence render the tech in lumias and androids useless and cost-ineffective, a rather cunning strategy no? This strategy assumes that apple is the only significant driver of NFC in commerce, an assumption that is not far fetched given how businesses cater to the iphone way more than they do to other platforms, proven by the quality apps businesses develop for ios.

On the other hand, apple figures that even if NFC picks up, which would take more than a year, it could simply include the tech in its next iphone. If it does not pick up, and hence apple realizes that its iphone would indeed be the only meaningful driver of it, then apple might bypass it all together killing the competition, similar--but not exactly identical--to the way apple killed flash, no?

What do you guys think?

NFC is awesome on paper, but how many of us are actually going to use it on a daily basis?

before u light up the flames and load up your guns, keep in mind that i am a big Lumia and wp fan, so i am aiming at a civil discussion here.