Apple (ONLY) doesn't do this "Evil" Act.

When people think of Apple has the only one suing, Well they are wrong. I read a news story on the Wall Street journal about Motorola suing Microsoft. And also I read few other stories about Ford even suing Dodge for their door design. (Which I love Ford) But it BLOWS my mind when Google Blames Apple for suing Samsung and not letting innovation be created by doing this, But then Motorola that is owned by (GOOGLE) sues Apple and Microsoft. But my opinion people are wrong that says suing other companies for coping or using other companies patents stops innovation. Actually I think it drives innovation, because so companies can come up with new ideas and not have the same designs or ideas of other companies. I know there will be loads of comments disagreeing with me, but hey this is America and we all have our own opinions, but that how I feel that companies protecting their ideas and patents drives innovation. And no i am not saying Apple only has innovation. Microsoft and IBM and other tech giants have had tons of innovations and I think they should be protected. That is how I feel. Apple is not only suing companies, I just think Apple is most talked about because they are the largest and richest company in the world that is my opinion.