[Unofficial] The Verge Comment Extension for Google Chrome


Since I often found myself going to my Verge user page to see the status of various discussion threads, I made a Google Chrome Extension to automate this for me. The extension keeps track of replies and recommends for your comments and comments and recommends for your posts. It is simple to use (no password required). Some screenshots are below.


Basically, the badge tells you how many responses you have had to comments or posts on The Verge. It will check for new responses every 60 seconds, so you can see if people are replying or recommending your comments, or if they are commenting on your posts. All this can be done without navigating to your user page. Clicking on the icon gives a quick summary of where the responses have been generated as well as links to open your comments page as well as theverge.com

I'm looking for people who might want to test it out for me. If you'd like to test it out, send me an email and I will email you the extension code. For now, it needs to be installed manually. Instructions for installation are in the folder with the rest of the files.


via i.imgur.com

Disclaimers: It is a little janky since I have to screen scrape. One consequence of this is that I can only keep track of those comments and posts that are visible on your user page. Since The Verge doesn't show more than one page of comments, your total number of responses may go down over time as you recommend or comment further. If The Verge's platform guys wanted to expose an API for getting replies and recommends I could make this a lot tidier.

Finally, This is alpha-level software so there is no warranty either expressed or implied.