Cracking the code of Microsoft Surface Phone 8

Just after the rumor started floating when (several) sources claimed that Microsoft is building their own phone, it got me thinking.

If you remember the secrecy behind the Surface RT and Pro, it's no surprise the lid is kept pretty tight on this one as well. But what will a Microsoft Surface phone focus on? Surely, like the Surface has it's focus on integrated stand, multipurpose entertainment/work computer, the Surface phone has to differentiate (or highlight) the possibilities of Windows Phone 8/8.5.

But again, how?

To find the answer, I think you need to see what current hardware makers are already offering with the new Windows Phone 8 models. It's not the same as the PC OEMS. For example, the Lumia 920 offers both a best-in-class camera, NFC, LTE, BT 4.0 and inductive charging. What key areas will the Surface phone focus on?

One of the areas IMO, is entertainment consumption. It will focus on gaming.

My main theory is that this phone will coincide with the Xbox 720 launch, and be heavily promoted as an Xbox-class gaming device. If you remember that announcing of Surface in June, it will take 4 and 1/2 months from announcing to availability. That pushes the time-frame for the Surface Phone as well. It won't be announced in 2012, but most likely 2013 and maybe release between June-September 2013?

What do you guys think?