Google waves white flag to Apple!

"Motorola drops latest ITC patent infringement claims against Apple"

So what does the above news headline mean? Well, lets see shall we. Google has won its fair share of the battles against Apple however they may have just come to the realisation that they're losing the war. Google is starting to take notice that Apple means business with regards to its new strategy to move away from all things Google e.g. YouTube App and Google Maps. Surely that's not enough to win the war you say... perhaps not if their strategy is only with those two (YouTube and Google Maps) Apps but on the other hand it only takes Apple to build upon that blue print.

  • Say Apple were to partner with MicroSoft on search or buy Yahoo or partner with Facebook and, completely build their own new search engine and put on all iOS as default as well as heavily promoting it on OSX.
  • Build on shared photos stream and build similar YouTube service or buy/partner with Vimeo.
  • Put Apple Maps on the internet for free or under cut Google on price.
  • Cut iAds pricing.
  • invest in competing services and there by hurting or diminishing Google's market share by way of proxy.
  • Remove upload to YouTube from all iOS and OSX.

Now when you combine the removal of YouTube and Google Maps from the iOS ego system as well as the above strategy the picture begins to appear. It may already be appearing for Google brass e.g. Apple not show casing Google plus like it's being doing for Facebook, twitter and add to that the Android law suits against Google's biggest OEM and winning.

Now with Apple removing YouTube and Google Maps with one year left on their contract might be enough to see that Apple means business.