EarPods are actually pretty good!!

So last night during my nightly run my iPhone stock earphones broke. I had a $10 discount for Best Buy, so I headed up there with the intention of getting some sweat resistant headphones, such as Adidas or Ironman, however the shelves were pretty empty. I didn't feel like spending a bunch of money so after looking through the selection I decided to try the new Apple Earpods, especially since I had read a review saying they made them tougher and more water resistant.

Tonight I went for a run with them and I have to say for $29 there are quite nice. First thing I liked is, as promised, they fit a lot better. The old earphones hurt my ears especially during a 3 mile run, plus they fall out and I have to put them back in several times. Today when I ran the earpods didn't fall out once, nor did my ears hurt. Also the sound really is greatly improved, especially bass.

I've only used them for about 30 minutes but compared to the old earphones I say they are greatly improved. Before you say it I do realize there are better sounding headphones, such as Bose, etc, but the only time I really listen to music via earphones is when I work out and I just can't justify spending a lot of money for headphones.