Popular Games We Never Played : Kingdom Hearts

I think it goes without saying that most of us here are gamers but every now and again we skip a game that everyone else cannot shut up about. I've done it several times over and I always get nasty looks from my friends. (Skyrim is my most recent crime.) Usually my reasons are simple, "I just wasn't wowed" or "It's not my type of game".. but in the instance of the game in the title "Kingdom Hearts" my reasoning was more vapid. Simply put...blind hatred.

You see when Kingdom Hearts came out I was a Nintendo fanboy. So much so that I REFUSED to buy a PS0ne which translated to NO KINGDOM HEARTS FOR ME. I assumed eventually Square would smarten up and give Nintendo home consoles a taste but nope. And as a completist I couldn't bring myself to play the games that were released on hand held systems. As time went on my fnaboyism matured and allowed myself to buy a PS3 and Xbox and idlely waited for a new Kingdom Hearts or in the least a HD remake since that seems to be a trend and finally after all this time Kingdom Hearts announces the 1.5 HD Remake and my 10 year old self dies of a heart attack seeing me so excited for a game not made by the house of Mario.

With all that said, I must ask...what games of any generation do you regret missing out on due to fanboyism or maybe just an empty wallet or lack of motivation?