5 things I want on WP8 that Microsoft has not announced yet

Well, MS has been secretive about the software, but there are really 5 things I want on WP8 that they have announced yet. Before You call me a loser and troll me, I own a Samsung Focus and Sony Xperia Play but I don't hate WP, I just want new stuff.

5. File Browser: I love file browsers, and that's what makes Windows 8 and Android tabs so much better than iOS. Android has it, and it's one of my favorite features on android. It would be great to have it on WP8. I know some custom roms on WP7, but It's not really easy to install a custom rom on WP. If fans can add it, I'm sure Microsoft could at least let a 3rd party app maker release it on the marketplace.

4. Wallpapers on the Start Screen: I know may of you don't care about this, but I would love it, it adds more customization and personality to the start screen to me. It would be great if they had a transparent grey tile color so you could see the wallpaper, but that's just hopeful wishing.

3.Rotation Lock: I know WP is used in portrait mostly, but some form of rotation lock would be great. Please? Is that too much to ask for?

2. Pull-down Notifications: Toast notifications are useful, but if you forget them, or have more than the apps you selected on the lockscreen notifications, it would be useful. They could show sync info or downloading info. I know many don't care for it, but it would really complement live tiles.

1. Better multitasking: Multitasking is abysmal on WP in comparison to other platforms. When you go back to an app, it might restart the app not even include the app you are looking for. It's annoying seeing multiple windows of the same thing... multitasking needs to improve.