Apple iPhone 4S

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Reviewed by notMordecai (Currently owns)

The iPhone 4S is undeniably one of the most beautiful phones (and, in general, devices) manufactured. With this glass front and back, it's amazing built in camera, and sleek monolithic look, the iPhone is simply stunning to look at, albeit sometimes feeling a little too fragile when you first get it.

With the iPhone 4S's jump to iOS 6, one of the most powerful phones on the planet gets a little better... and a little worse. Siri has gotten a tad bit better, although it has a long way to go. Passbook is still a feature that has yet to be fleshed out, and Maps... well... Maps has a lot of work to do. With the addition of handy tools such as Do Not Disturb, and the ability to text calls you mute purposely, the iPhone 4S almost becomes a valuable tool to not only let you speak to your friends and family, but also covet your personal time.

If you wish to save a bit of money by choosing this rather than the $100 extra iPhone 5 (and don't need public transportation information) definitely make this phone -your- phone.

The Breakdown

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  • 5
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  • Design 9
  • Display 10
  • Camera(s) 10
  • Reception / call quality 7
  • Performance 8
  • Software 8
  • Battery life 9
  • Ecosystem 10
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