Round of Applause

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I spend an awful lot of my spare time digesting news and the discourse of the day. I live in Alaska, the weather ranges from partly awful to horrendous most of the year. It’s not hard to find an excuse to curl up inside reading The New Yorker, listening to KCRW, or catching up with the crazy world of technology culture, culture-culture, and The Verge Culture (most) every week on the Vergecast. It's my break from the heavy realities of my other areas of interest.

I read a lot of hard journalism. I follow economist blogs. I monitor environmental policy and regulation (job-related). I keep abreast of privacy and civil liberty concerns. I also enjoy reading about the latest gadgets and technology. I understand they all do not always occupy the same plane of relevance to the world at large and my place in it.

What I appreciate, to no end, is the subtle levity with which the Verge(cast, specifically) treat technology news. I also deeply appreciate the seriousness with which they handle stories that do carry weight (SOPA, FCC regulation of telecoms, etc.). I can count on the gang to amuse and inform when it’s ‘just another gadget’, and to inform and amuse when it’s ‘something very serious’.

This balance is balance I appreciate in my journalism digestion; a balance of weight. The coverage could be all Apple/Google/Microsoft/Minecraft/Secret-FBI-sponsored-autonomous-drone-wiretapping on any given day, and I would still check in to see what The Verge has to say. I don’t need balance in WHAT is being covered. The Verge covers what they find relevant, and I read their coverage that I find relevant. This, plus the odd story about missle-silo-condos, XOXO, or printing dinosaurs, is what makes The Verge my go-to technology news site.

What really got me to type this up, however, was the need to express how much I enjoy the crazy dynamic on The Vergecast. I love the inside jokes/memes (ending the show with ‘Paul’ (Pawl), the talking over each-other, Josh threatening to come to my house and kill me because I don’t know what he knows, all of it. Most tech journalism is too tedious and boring to pay any mind to it. The Verge is a warm scirocco of lighthearted analysis. In the same way that farts are almost always funny, even if they reek, The Verge is almost always worth reading, even if the subject is trivial at best. I feel like I’m part of the club, just by watching you guys. That’s something that seems hard to achieve, especially outside the realm of radio, and for this you should be commended.

The site is as professional, sharp, focused, and relevant to the sliver of the world as befits that which it covers. The Verge doesn’t seem to be something more than it is, or should be. So thanks The Verge. Keep being yourselves, digging up the dirt in the world of tech, and I’ll keep chuckling along with you, missing WebOS, fondling my Cyan N9, and wondering what might just be my next…