comScore: US Sales data.

comScore June to August

So, comScore released their US numbers recently and there they are. Android gained 1.7% points of the market during the GS3's launch period. Apple, without even launching a phone, managed to gain another 2.4% points of the market share.

The other major players all lost market share. RIM continues to embarrass itself, losing 3.1% points this quarter, falling to only 8.3% of the market. At this rate, the only thing RIM will be getting is a "Merry Xmas" message over BBM (from an iPhone).

Windows Phone/Mobile (because Windows Mobile users somehow still are counted) fell the same amount as Symbian. 0.4 percentage points. Microsoft can claim that's due to announcing their current platform as dead. The only real hope for Microsoft is that Windows Phone 8 can keep them from being totally irrelevant (like Symbian) and maybe even move them towards passing another completely irrelevant player in the market... RIM.

With next quarters numbers including the iPhone 5's launch period, I expect Apple to once again outgrow everyone in the market. With Windows Phone 8's launch coming late into the quarter, numbers should be positive for them, but maybe not as much as the final quarter's numbers will be (personally, I predict a number between 0 and +2.5%). Android will continue to grow like it does most every quarter.

And RIM will only have 1 more bad news quarter to go through before they can hopefully start giving out details about their platform... like price, availability, and where to (properly) dispose of the phones when RIM goes under.