What will displays be like in the year 2047?

One thing I always pay attention to in older sci-fi movies is how they present various display technology. It's always jarring to me to see a film like Blade Runner, made in 1982 about the year 2019, proposing that tube displays would still be around, though very different display technology was imagined for the giant outdoor displays in the film.

It's just funny to me that nobody imagined, or maybe just didn't have the budget to imagine, a very different and futuristic display technology that would be in use 35 years in the future. Star Wars had holograms but also still used tube displays throughout the film. Granted it was "A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away..." so technically it wasn't the future, but the rest of their imagined technology was very advanced compared to 1977.

What does everyone else think displays will look like in 2047, the same 35 year gap that Blade Runner had to its imagined future? It hurts my head to try and think that far in advance.