Windows Phone 7.8

I am posting know good and well people are going to try and defend Microsoft's honor.

I am an unhappy Lumia 900 owner who is stuck for the 19 months so...

Going to try make the best of it.

Does anyone know if Windows Phone 7.8 will fix navigation and app launching?

I might be able get past the not having access to new Windows Phone Apps because of no backwards compatibility. However not being able to turn my phone screen off is bad. Charging the phone at the same time I can't keep up. The phone will go dead. Also, I often need to leave Nokia Drive, and when I do the navigation completely stops.

Second, I sometimes quickly hit the home button and launch my apps. But they start over. Please tell me this will be fixed.

Thanks for the info

signed trying to manage my Lumia 900 until 2014...2014, wow..

Oh and how do I turn off LTE, it suck my battery dry.