Win RT / desktop mode / Office - a confusion? Really, mr Topolski?

I will try to present my view in as little words as it is possible.

Main Josh's charges against Win RT/Surface are:

  1. People will be confused about different versions of Windows (RT vs 8)
  2. Desktop mode should be removed
  3. Office should be adapted to Modern UI/touch mode

My point of view:
  1. In every Win RT/surface commercial 99% of the time we are in a Modern UI / tablet mode without the standard desktop. So where's the confusion? Ads clearly shows how you can use RT device.
  2. Probably will be in Win 9. But for now, transition phase is essential.
  3. It will be for sure. But for now, Office is the main software/app advantage. People know Offilce. People know DESKTOP Office. It is much easier to have/use the program you know for years (with the same shortcuts, menus, elements, UI). Modern UI vesrion of Office would be very confusing and hard to switch for an average user on the beginning.

What do you think?
PS: Sorry for my English - I'm not the native speaker.