The problem with Windows Tablet's.

The biggest problem with Windows tablets isn't the price , or the specs, or the software ; the biggest problem is the tech journalist's..

Let's take the example of the latest "surface is doomed" video....!AC8443FF-304F-4AA3-ADB8-B2DC12306C71

Comparing a 32GB surface RT with the 16GB ipad 2 and the 8GB nexus and the kindle 16GB , WTF is wrong with you; it's like comparing 2 cars (with different capacities) along with 2 bikes... completely different products...

So either they don't know that much about tech , and in that case what are they doing here . Or they do know about tech and are just trying to damage the Surface image witch is sad...

The price , saying that it's not worth being pricier than the ipad 2 ($499 vs $399)? Do you mind opening you eyes ? The surface is a lot better.

-The 1st point of all it's having Microsoft Office , witch should be worth about $100 (the PC version is $140) , so in the same conditions the iPad 2 and the Surface have the same price,and it's cheaper than the ipad 3.

-Next the screen; a lot of people are saying that the screen on the surface RT will be a lot worse than the ipad 3 because when comparing with ipad 2 they see a big difference (using the argument that the Surface as similar resolution as the ipad 2, so the screen is similar) , witch is completely bullshit ; you can have 2 screen with the exact same resolution and yet being completely different.

*The 1366*768 it's differentiable from the ipad 3 retina by the human eye from a inferior to 20" (if i'm not mistaken ,witch was proven by a post where in the forum, can't find it), witch is a reasonable part of the use cases ; while the 1024x768 of the ipad 2 was differentiable up to a bigger distance (almost no case use above that distance)

*But like i said the screen resolution, and even with the retina definition of the ipad 3 creating a razor sharp image quality it's possible to a HD screen also provide also a very good image quality and legibility, and if it proves to provide lower reflections can even be better than the ipad 3 screen (whats the point of having better resolution if with the reflection it hard to see what's in the screen??)

-Construction : 1 image is worth a 1000 words, ti's rock diamond hard. Microsoft-surface-skateboard_medium


At 25 secs :

The making of Microsoft Surface (via surface)

Surface with Windows RT Drop Test (via surface)

-You get more space. Yes , the windows takes about 10-12GB but it still have about more 6GB than on the ipad 2 ; and you also have microSDXC that right now goes up to 64GB or 128GB (not sure) and it's way cheaper than buying a higher capacity tablet..

-More connectivity , USB 2.0 port + Video out ; on the ipad you only got the 30-pin docking connector -> buy more adapters.

-The OS , it's not like Microsoft has never made an OS and also it nothing that no one has seen ; it's the "modern UI" of winodws 8. And you know what , it's realy damn good...

-And the store , right now should have around 5k apps (against 200k on tte ipad side) but unlike the WP store over the next couple moths it will have millions and millions of devices using it , so it will not take that much until all the good stuff be in store...

so tell me , with a strait face, that comparing to the ipad the Surface RT it's not worth the price...