Perceived confusion around RT

It's so annoying How the tech media over looks the shortcomings of other companys then turn around and nitpick falsely perceived deficiencies with Any/Everything Microsoft. Could you you imagine how crazy the tech media would go if Apple made the Surface or it was apart of the nexus Program?

Let me save you some trouble, They'd shit themselves in excitement lauding Apple/Google (more so if it came from apple) for their innovative prowess and hail them for leading the mass exodus to the Next Generation of computing.

FYI - My Mom wants a Surface (after I showed her the web commercial) She asked if it had apps (like her iPod touch) I explained it did if fact have it's own store, and that was the only way she could download apps. She understands now. GUESS WHAT? THAT TOOK LESS THAN 2 MINUTES

(one more note - She's currently using a 2 year old netbook which still which only legacy apps she has installed are the original crapware she got with it meanwhile she has almost 50 apps on her iPod touch)

We're really making mountains out of molehills here people. Remember all the commotion the switch between Metro and Desktop were TOO jarring. Now were hardly hear that. Why might you ask? Because people got used to it.

Let's not forget here that this is windows we're talking about even if it is a failure it will sell hundreds of millions of devices and the differences between windows 8 and RT will quickly become common knowledge. (Especially with the tech media chopping at the bit to point this out as a perceived flaw)