Surface RT and Windows Phone 7

So, I'm a little curious what people who are purchasing the Surface RT are going to do about syncing with their WP7 phones. As the front page said, WP7 will only be supported by the Zune client, which of course is not going to run on Windows RT (something I was bashed for predicting, by the way). Because of that, I was just wondering if people who are buying the Surface RT are also all going to be getting a WP8 device immediately, or if you're keeping a PC around to sync with, or if you just plan on not syncing at all.

Since I plan to use the Surface RT as a primary device for a while, I'm leaning towards a combination of #1 and #3, myself. I could probably live without transferring music for a while since I pay for the Zune Pass / Xbox Music Pass, and I'll probably be upgrading pretty quickly to WP8 as well. Anyway, I was just wondering what everyone else's thoughts were on this.