Paul and how The Verge can fight the effect of spoilers

The most recent Vergecast got me wondering again about how spoilers of future products make the tech world buzz and everyone from the tech journalists to the jackals in the comments race to give opinions on things that may or not be true. These reactions range from "omg why would they do that im not buying it if thats what they are doing, it's dead on arival" to "thats the greatest masterpiece of design I have ever seen and the iphone is now dead once this launches".

But watching the Vergecast you can see clear as day that Paul is just so clueless about all of these things, and honestly he looks so much happier for it. His wonderment and intrigue at all the rumors Josh and Nilay make fun of him for not knowing makes me kinda jealous that all of us are wasting our time arguing if the next nexus phone will be made by sony or if the ipad 3 might get the lightning connector or if the 13in mbp is going retina.

I think it would be a great feature for The Verge it have Paul write up a short reaction piece on the major product announcements on his thoughts if the product lived up to its expectations based on not being spoiled. I think it will give the readers some clarity and help them get past some slight they may have had because of a certain rumor that they have been hating on for a month or two when in the grand sceme of the product it wont matter but they miss out on the product because they are so obsessed about this one perceived flaw.

I know I long for the day to be wowed again at a product launch, but I think those days are gone do to the nature of the current tech news reach, I just hope that one of those tech news site can give a look into someone who can still live a spoiler free life.