T-Mobile Holding Special Event on Oct. 29

T-mobile just announced and sent out invites for a special event to be held later during the day, on Oct. 29 following Microsoft's and Google's events. The timing is everything here. Unless there is some voodoo horoscope type thing going on where everyone has been told that; "Oct 29th is the day of great luck and success",

Could it be that T-Mobile will be getting either the new Nexus? or one of the Lumias? or even both? (most likely the lumia, but still, one can hope) Though, to be totally honest... with t-mobile's record of updating handsets, not better than any of the others, do we really want their grubby mitts on a nexus device?

SOURCE: http://omgdroid.com/is-there-a-new-nexus-device-in-t-mobiles-future/