Basic functionality missing in Windows RT

So I've got the Windows 8 Release Preview on my desktop machine & have been trying to live strictly in the Metro/RT environment (along with the basic file explorer in the desktop side) to get prepared for the Surface RT. My goal is to try to replace my main machine with the Surface, since I can use any USB devices, external drives, hook it up to a larger monitor, etc. And I gotta say its kinda tough to do.

There seems like a lot that's missing. I understand it's new, but MS really should have made more of their basic apps capable of running in RT. Mainly things like a real Photo/Video suite. The stuff they have now in it is nice, but its SO limited. I can't even find an app that can edit photos in their app store. Nothing major, just basic fixes, red eye, cropping, things like that. A torrenting app would be nice too (yes, all the stuff I DL is legal). uTorrent is in the store, but its the desktop version. Ugh. That's useless on the Surface.

How are some of you guys getting along despite these (IMO) major deficiencies? Any suggestions?? I understand these things will get better. I just feel like MS could have made the transition easier for us since they make a lot of those apps already for the desktop. Thanks.