Microsoft is going to kill the desktop in Windows 10? I say NO.

The biggest advantage of Windows over Mac OS, Linux, and other OS is its huge amount of software that it can run. I think Microsoft KNOWS this and they have no plans of killing it in the near future. I think Microsoft's move to include a Metro start screen in Windows 8 is because they want to take advantage of the huge user base of Windows to motivate developers to develop for WinRT and not that they would kill the desktop in the near future. I think Mac OS and Linux will have a huge advantage if they did that. I think they are will just continually shift its UI to Metro in the future revisions and then it will all be Metro+Desktop from then on and maybe change its UI when people start to complain about it being boring, much like what is happening to iOS.

I'm very surprised when people started saying that in Windows 10, desktop will not exist anymore or that it will be like DOS. What do you think?