[Poll] Colourful polycarbonate or plain metal unibody?

I don't know if this has been posted before but the though occurred to me initially when the Samsung Ativ S was announced and again later when supposed leaks appeared of the Surface phone which buck the trend set by Nokia with their Lumia line and followed by HTC with their WP 8 line.

Nokia and HTC have been widely praised for bringing something fresh to the table with their design and build quality of their latest WP phones. However, have they made the right bet, especially considering how popular the iPhone is and how dominant Samsung have been with the GS3, despite it's faux metallic plastic non-unibody construction?

The question is:

If the hardware specs and price are the same, would you prefer the phone with a colourful polycarbonate unibody or the one with the plain (metallic finish) metal unibody, assuming that both phones are equally solidly built?

Vote by recommending the post below with your selection. Any comments should be made below the selection posts, not in direct reply, so as to keep them at the top.

(Note, I may have only posted in the Android forum up until now but I am genuinely interested in seeing all of what MS have to offer with WP8. A Surface or other decent W8 tablet + decent WP8 handset deal would be sweet and would very likely make me jump ship).